Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meat filling Moon Cake

: 面粉500克,肉糜300克,白糖60克,麦芽糖15克,酱油20克,味精10克,熟猪油210克

: 盐、料酒、麻油、姜末各少许 制作过程:

: 1. 先将肉糜加入盐、糖、味精、酱油、料酒、麻油、姜末,然后顺一个方向拌和。拌

: 后再加入清水60克,继续拌至水肉融合并有粘性为止,放入冰箱备用。
: 2. 将300克面粉、15克麦芽糖、120克熟猪油、45克白糖拌和,加入175克沸水揉成水

: 面。
: 3. 将200克面粉加入90克熟猪油擦成油酥面。
: 4. 将油酥面包入水油面中,封口朝上按平。在案板上撒上干面粉,将面团擀成3厘米

: 的酥皮。
: 5. 将大块酥皮分成两块,每块卷成一个长条,下成40个剂子。
: 6. 将剂子按扁,包入15克肉馅,封口做成月饼。
: 7. 将月饼封口朝下放在烘热的平底锅上,盖上锅盖,烘烤,每面烘烤3-5分钟,视两

: 均成金黄色,再盖上锅盖用微火烘焙至月饼边沿呈乳白色,出现松酥状,即可出锅。


: 500 grams of flour, meat, 300 grams, sugar 60 grams, 15 grams of maltose, soy sauce 20 grams, 10 grams of monosodium glutamate, Shuzhu You 210 grams

: Salt, cooking wine, sesame oil, ginger production process of a little:

: 1. First meat, salt, sugar, MSG, soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, ginger, and then shun mixing in one direction. Mix
: And then adding 60 grams of water and continue mixing until the meat integration of water and a sticky date, refrigerator spare.
: 2. Would be 300 grams of flour, 15 g maltose, 120 grams Shuzhu You, mixing 45 grams of sugar, add boiling water bunched up into 175 grams of water
: Surface.
: 3. Join the 200 grams of flour 90 grams Shuzhu You rub into the crisp surface.
: 4. Will be crisp bread into the water of oil, the seal facing up according to level. Documented on-board sprinkled with dry flour, roll the dough into 3 cm
: The pastry.
: 5. Large pieces of pastry into two, each Juan Chengyi a strip, the next into 40 sub-agents.
: 6. According to the agent sub-bian, the package into the 15 grams of meat, seal made of moon cakes.
: 7. Seal down on the moon cakes in pans on Hongre, cover, bake, bake 3-5 minutes on each side, depending on two
: Are golden brown, then cover the lid with Weihuo baked to the edge of milky white moon appeared crisp pine-like, you can pan.

Surface water and oil to use hot water ah!