Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stewed Milk Beancurd/Shunde Shuangpi Nai

Shunde Shuangpi Nai white and smooth, giving a sense of dignified and gentle; aroma, milk Sauvignon, eggs taste enough, assail the nostrils of the rich milk fragrance reminiscent of boundless prairie, the mild spring breeze , and the simplicity of the prairie life; entrance jelly, taste exquisite, like a baby's skin as smooth as her mother's gentle touch, like, every one has a taste the taste of happiness, aroused childhood innocence of life, especially mood relaxed.

Founded in the late Qing Shuang Pinai Shunde, Shunde, a farmer was out inadvertently modulation, taste sweet, deeply welcomed the masses, spread far and become a special product of Shunde, one labeled as a "China Name snacks "one. The most important thing is to do Shuangpi Nai selection, Shuang Pinai The quality depends primarily on the freshness of milk, the selected milk must be fresh grass milk, can make Shuangpi Nai Xiang, slip , concentrated.

Shuang Pinai approach is very simple, first boil the fresh milk, still hot pour in the bowl, and soon the surface bear Naipi fresh milk, using chopsticks to Naipi piercing, Huanhuandiqiang inverted bowl of milk out by adding an appropriate amount of protein, white sugar, the original Naipi slowly float, and then put the fire stew soon and can bear a layer of skin, the skin layer that formed the upper Naipiganxiang, lower Naipi Xiang slippery mouth, it is named "Shuangpi Nai."

Material (approximately 6 copies):
. Whole milk 1 quart (1 quart)
. Egg 4
. 6 tablespoons white sugar
1. Milk and sugar in the open after the fire, immediately pour into six small bowl. Milk will cool the surface layer of skin junction, this is the first layer of Naipi.
2. The egg white into a large container, stir.
3. Naipi chopsticks to poke a small hole on each floor, so that milk flows along the small opening large containers, Naipi stayed in the bowl.
4. Stir the milk and egg white bowl and pour it back, when what I wanted to Nai Pi layer will remain in the bowl.
Open the fire water, all six were placed in small bowl steamer steam for 15 minutes.
5. Share out the milk cold. After cold milk, liquid surface layer of skin on the knot again, this is the second layer of Naipi.
1. Double milk first floor Naipi firmly attached to the bowl, the second layer Naipi floating on the surface. There are recipes that the milk and egg white mixture on the large container and then poured into the small bowl of steamed together, so that first layer of milk would not be so solid paste. but as to a large steamer to accommodate the next big get-resistant container.
2. Just steamed milk is a liquid and let cool and become solid. Milk fat content in the more concentrated the more easily condensed. Shuangpi Nai Shunde, Guangdong, the birthplace of water of milk, the concentration of up to 9%. I used Half - and-Half instead of milk, are generally successful.
3. I tried to hold onto before burning milk sugar, stirring until the time came alive again in egg white and milk sugar. Shuangpi Nai condensed out of this stew was good, overnight there is still liquid, but also sweet and very uneven.
4. Milk, egg white, and sugar ratio could be adjusted according to their preferences.
5. Although Shuangpi Nai both hot and cold food should, cold, eat better flavor.

Milk pan heat a bowl of milk, pour into small bowl waiting to cool after boiling. At this time, to bowl into the egg whites (large eggs 1 small egg 2), amount of sugar, stir. And the small bowl of milk to be cooled, carefully pierce Naipi, slowly pour milk into the bowl. If the operating properly, it will be securely Naipi layer lying small bowl of the bowl. Well, the bowl of egg white sugar of milk are mixed evenly, and then slowly, (be sure to slowly) Note back to small bowl. If the operating properly, the original small bowl at the bottom of Naipi float, covering the mixture on. Wok, steaming. Timely clean wok, cooling, a new Naipi generation. Was that Shuangpi Nai.