Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Ultimate Juicing Guide

Where has your zest gone? Feeling slow, sluggish, bloated, and uninspired?
Created by Kitchen Chatters very own Talisha Roos, the Ultimate Juicing Guide will change the way you look at your health, and your diet, forever. Here’s a peak of what you’ll find inside…
  • The SINGLE most important rule of Juicing when trying to lose weight… Don’t make the same mistake countless others have made before you, accidentally doubling or even tripling your caloric intake while actually increasing your waistline.
  • The two herbs that you have in your spice rack right now that will kick your immune system into overdrive…find out on page 50
  • Did you know that Lycopene helps prevent cardiovascular and heart disease? Get inside this guide and learn the weird reason why this ONE fruit’s lycopene levels increase exponentially when cooked.
  • Diabetes is a debilitating illness that drastically changes lifestyles. Discover The 5 Superfoodsthat will help you prevent its terrible side effects, including impotence, amputation, eye damage, heart disease and stroke.
  • The TRUTH about free radicals. Not only have they been linked to serious illnesses like cancer, they’ve also been shown to destroy your youth. Want to know which natural fruits and herbs will help you fight back? Get ready to uncover that dewy, radiant, healthy skin you’ve been missing in the following pages…