Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Asian Diet Secret - Unique Hook

Discover The Delicious Asian Meals That Help Melt Away Fat And Which Ones Pack On The Pounds

The Asian Diet Secret

Here’s what you’ll discover...

  • The type of Asian dish that you never have to worry eating too much of... it's an actual "all you can eat" meal. Plus the one mistake people make preparing this dish that undoes all it's power.
  • The type of Asian dish that you should eat at every meal to make you feel fuller for longer.
  • Why eating rice can help you lose weight... a PhD professor at the Children's Nutrition Research Center reveals the unknown health benefits of rice that contribute to weight loss.
  • What unusual ingredient you should put in your coffee to banish your cravings for snacks in-between meals… you'll be surprised by the great taste and feel fuller for longer. And no, it's NOT sugar or milk!
  • Should you eat or avoid fat? The myth is finally debunked in Chapter 6. And yes, the answer may surprise you.
  • Use this little “kitchen trick” on certain foods to fool your body into burning more calories while breaking them down... BONUS: it also makes you want to drink more water without trying.
  • Which nutrient you should eat more to feel full and curb cravings without starving yourself or taking appetite suppressants.
  • The single worst thing that you can put in your body that makes you fat.
  • The exact 4-step blueprint that I used to lose 52 pounds of weight in 11 months... steal my exact plan to help you lose your unwanted fat too.
  • The 5 'under-the-radar' triggers that cause you to eat too much food and how to stop them before they hit.
  • Should you count calories or not? The answer is finally revealed.
  • The shocking truth that reveals which fruits have 5 TIMES more sugar than all others. Warning: you’ve probably eaten them many times before!
  • The food that triggers your "eating" hormone and causes you to crave and eat excess food… avoid this to stop eating too much and putting on extra weight.
  • The 4 Asian dishes you should avoid when shedding off unwanted weight.
  • My favorite dishes that I personally ate during my weight loss journey (recipes and step-by-step instructions included!)

And much much more...