Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chinese salted-egg recipe--Chicken eggs

Duck eggs are usually used for salted eggs. But chicken eggs is also a good choice.
From the salt curing process, the salted eggs have a very liquid egg white and a yolk that is bright orange-red in colour, round, and firm in texture. The egg white has a salty taste. The yolk is rich, fatty, and less salty. The yolk is usually used in making Chinese moon cake to symbolize the moon. You need to boil the eggs before eating.

Here is how to make Chinese salted eggs!


Wine, salt, eggs.

1. Wash eggs and dry them.
2. Dip eggs into wine
3. Dip eggs in step into salt.
4. Wrap eggs in step 3 by a preservative film。

5. 4 weeks later~Boil the eggs and check if the yold has yellow oil? Now it is ready to eat! This is salted egg! Yummy!!

Isn't it is easy? All you need it patience! 3-4 weeks is needed for the yolk to get oil.